Back at RAF Digby

Once again I was invited back to book and host another night of comedy for the officers Mess at RAF Digby, I love this gig as the camp itself it’s actually tri-service meaning all the different uk armed forces can be based there as well as some international postings coming in. 

This night was great, I hade booked a great line up!

Up first was Lenny Sherman! A solid gag merchant! He went down a storm! 

Then we had Ben Adams! He is so full of energy and has some quite dark humour which was bang on for this place! 

Then Brooksey! A serving soldier based at the camp who is fairly new to comedy, honestly this can go two ways! But he did great! Some solid jokes and observations! He even had some bants towards the Adjutant! Quite brave! 

then closing out the night was the always hilarious Duncan Oakley! He has some super silly songs and heavy hitting gags! 

All in all a great night!! 

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Ricky Tomlinson Recommended!!

I have been part or Ricky Tomlinson’s show support on many occasions 


he made me a little video view Here

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Bumped into a legend!!

So before tonight’s gig in London I wanted to get in the gym, but the one I went to was closed… gutted, but as I was going to leave I popped my head into a boxing room, and then this guy invited me in, I don’t I’ve a clue about boxing, but that didn’t bother him, he just said, “do you wanna sweat” so yep! 45 minutes later, I was sweating alright!! Turns out that guy is an absolute legend!! Clinton McKenzie!! 

he gave me a right work out!! Now off to the gig all greasy and ready for it!! 

get yourself  down to Dulwich Health Club and go se him!! 

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Hey, remember that time I used to do stand up comedy!!

So it’s been a while hasn’t it!! This week I have been really missing performing stand up, for me it has always been a bit of a hobby and for the fun of it, luckily I have never relied on it for an income, I know a lot of acts that need it for work and for them I feel bad, but just this week I have thought it’s way more than just a job, it’s more of a duty, a duty to the people! We need to laugh we need to be connected and there is nothing more connecting than a room full of people laughing and having fun in the togetherness of a comedy club ( or lounge,  Paul)  we need to be getting back to it sooner rather than later!! I have done a few online zoom type gigs and they really are not the same at all, I understand that acts need to do theses to make ends meet in this currant climate, but we really need to be back at it!! Surly it can’t be to long now!!  Hopefully see you sooner rather than later!! And please be good to one another life’s to short for trouble!! See y soon! Steve!

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Had a chat with Scott Mills

So I was invited to do a little Radio interview with Scott Mills on BBC  Radio 1 

check  it out Here

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Ricky Tomlinson!

So I once again managed to work with a comedy hero! Ricky Tomlinson and Gary Skyner where booked to do a show at a The Comesy lounge in Hull, and I begged the owner Paul to please let me work that night! 

Didn’t take much begging as Paul has always been supportive to my comedy from right at the start when I used to do 20 minutes before his own shows. 

Ricky and Gary spent a good half hour in the green room with me before the show and what a great pair of guys!! They are touring the show all over and I urge anyone to go and see them! 


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I gigged with a comedy hero!

I’m into my 7th year of performing stand up and have had some amazing times, but this one has topped em all!! I got to warm up for a comedy hero of mine, Billy Pearce!! 


A massive thanks goes to Paul Hazel of the Comedy Lounge in Hull for giving me this opportunity!! 



He even even gave me a quote!! 


“Steve was a fantastic warm up act for me at The Comedy Lounge in Hull, I look forward to working with him in the future”. – Billy Pearce


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Hull Comedy festival is upon us

I will be doing an actual comedy set rather than hosting as part of the “Best of ULL” show on Wednesday 15th tickets available Here


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Tribfest 2017!!

So Trib is nearly upon us!

And once again I have been given the task of bringing the funnies, and this year I have some fresh new faces along with past festival favourites!!

For the full line up click the image below 


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Comedy Hypnotist Show



Steve Rimmer presents a fantastic night of laughter!! 

Steve will be introducing two side splitting funny comedians then Paul Hazell shall be taking you into his Hypnotic World!!

Your first comedian is the amazing Ben Briggs!!

Followed by the musical song ruiner 

Stephen “Frizz” Frizzle 

Steve is aiming to bring some amazing entertainment to the town of Hedon and this show will be a great event for all!! 

Food will be available from the venue for £5 (Curry)

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