Steve had a shaky start in life, moving from one foster home to another until aged 15 he found himself in an actual children’s home!  During this time he mixed with the wrong crowd and after a life changing event he decided he needed to get on the right track.  He enrolled on a bricklaying apprenticeship at which he excelled gaining an NVQ Level 3 which was only achievable after going to night school to re-sit his GCSE’s aged 18.

With his new qualification he decided to set up as a builder but unfortunately he had no knowledge of how to pay Tax which led to him landing himself in another heap of trouble.  Faced with a possible three month prison sentence for Tax Evasion, Fraud and Deception, (LOL but really) a cunning solicitor suggested he tried to get in to the Armed Forces before his next court appearance.  The Judge agreed that joining the Army would get him on the straight and narrow and the Army also paid his Tax bill – Result!

Now Steven Rimmer was 21 years of age and a Royal Engineer with a tough decision to make as the Royal Engineers provide you with a trade, he was already a qualified Bricklayer so Steve did the only thing he could think of and decided to become a Bricklaying Instructor.  This served him well as he spent two years in Germany doing no actual Instructing just lots of drinking and honing his skills as Morale Officer.

Aged 24 he was singled out to train as a Bomb Disposal Engineer.   Although wary Steve took this opportunity as it gave him the chance to return to the UK.  This soon backfired as once qualified he was never in the UK as he was always on a pager, jet setting off to many undisclosed locations.

Aged 27 Steve decided to leave the Army and as part of his resettlement he was trained in the art of paying his Taxes and legitimate bookkeeping.  Therefore SPR Construction was born.  Unfortunately after 12 months the dreaded credit crunch hit and he found it hard to make ends meet.  A simple Facebook status of “I’m thinking of rejoining the Army” opened up a whole new opportunity as an Old Army pal who was now Site Manager for a World Leading civilian bomb disposal Company offered him a job.  This new position gave him the chance to work in and around London and this is where Steve ventured in to an Open Mic Comedy Club where he got chatting to the promoter who gave him a gig for the following month and since then Steve has enjoyed himself progressing from Open Mic to paid gigs around the Country.

So why is Steve Rimmer still working as a Bomb Disposal Engineer? Quite simple really, unless you’re in the top percentage of comics, there just isn’t enough moneys in it and looking for bombs pays the mortgage.  Joking aside he does genuinely love his job!

All the above was written in the 3rd person, I am Steve Rimmer and welcome to my Comedy adventure. And thanks for stopping by.