It’s been a while.

Hello website viewer, yes you!! How are ya, how you been…… That’s great. 

Oh what have I been up to?? Well this freelance bomb disposal is hard work man, I’ve had to go all over the UK the past few months, and managed to get to s few gigs I wouldn’t normally get to do because of distance so that’s good, I even ended up on a Manchester TV show which was fun, I wil add a link to it when it becomes available. 

Anyways what’s ahead?? 

After the success of the first gig at the Duke Of York in Sutton, Hull we are doing it all again on the 10th of October.

And Back room comedy at the Station Pub Hedon is on the 24th of Octoner,


Also I have booked all the comedy acts for Tribfest On The Seas and I have booked some great ones at that!! Link to follow soon. 

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