Hey, remember that time I used to do stand up comedy!!

So it’s been a while hasn’t it!! This week I have been really missing performing stand up, for me it has always been a bit of a hobby and for the fun of it, luckily I have never relied on it for an income, I know a lot of acts that need it for work and for them I feel bad, but just this week I have thought it’s way more than just a job, it’s more of a duty, a duty to the people! We need to laugh we need to be connected and there is nothing more connecting than a room full of people laughing and having fun in the togetherness of a comedy club ( or lounge,  Paul)  we need to be getting back to it sooner rather than later!! I have done a few online zoom type gigs and they really are not the same at all, I understand that acts need to do theses to make ends meet in this currant climate, but we really need to be back at it!! Surly it can’t be to long now!!  Hopefully see you sooner rather than later!! And please be good to one another life’s to short for trouble!! See y soon! Steve!

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