So everyone is up in Edinburgh

Well i’m not gonna lie to ya, I wish I was up in Ed, However, I to have some fairly good things going on,

On the 3rd of August I’m hosting the comedy stage at at Hull’s Humber Street Sesh, where I will be introducing and having a right old laugh. (Click here)

On the 10th of August I am back at Savile Row Cafe Bar as host to a solid full line up(Click here)

On the 14th of August I shall be introducing our first one man show at Happy House Comedy, “Dark side of the thoughts” Staring Toju aka, The Militant Black Guy. (Click here)

From the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th of August i’m the host of the comedy marquee for laughing bull comedy at Tribfest (Click here) 

And finally on the 31st of August I shall be Hosting another one man show with some amazing support acts for comedy legend PATRICK MONAHAN!!(Click here)So basically what i’m saying is, I too have a busy August Comedy wize.

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Meet my new baby boy Eddie

Here is my little bouncing baby boy Eddie.
And a big thanks go out to my T-Shirt sponsors over at visual candy for this branded baby T!!


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An interview by Team Not By Force

So a while back I was interviewed by one of the members of  TEAM NOT BY FORCE It was very well done and im happy to have been included with such a great set of interviews.  Click HERE for the interview and write up. 

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Exciting news – just in!!

Steve Rimmer has secured sponsorship with Visual Candy Click the logo to go straight to their website 

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Comedy @ The Savile Row Café Bar 3


What an amazing night was had @ The Savile Row Café Bar.

We had our second sell out gig with a packed out room. All the acts were fantastic and the audience loved each and every one of them!
I didn’t have to do any work as MC so I went into a running gag of “so this bomb disposal lark ….”

Thanks to Daniel J Kennedy, Anthony Murphy, Callum Scott, for doing a fantastic job, although they could have done new stuff they gave their solid sets and as a result I’m gonna get them back to Hull for paid middles on my Pro night.

Special mention has to go to Dave Smith a new act from Hull, doing his second ever gig and I have to say he had the “Jack Gleadow affect”

(I must explain this)

Basically when I saw Jack doing his first ever gig I knew he was going to be a top act and he totally blew away all the comics on the bill that night and we was right he is doing brilliant on the comedy circuit.

Dave was on stage and he is so natural
with super strong observations and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to personal stories from his past.

Whilst sat watching him Jed Salisbury whispered into my ear “Jack Gleadow”
I instantly knew what he meant!

Oh, that brings me on to the next bit.

Thanks to Jed for stepping in and filling for an act that couldn’t make it and thanks to Mike Morris for doing the same, Hull is quickly getting its very own little comedy circuit and every local act is ready and willing to step in at short notice and after Dave’s performance I’m sure he will be added to the panic joint message I send out to local acts when people pull out of my gigs.

Jim Bays headlined the night, and headline he did! Slipping away from his usual set list to talk to the audience making sure they had a top night, at one point he said “I don’t even need to do material I could just talk to you guys”

And he was right, what a top comedy audience we had in!!

Can’t wait to do it all again next month on the 15th of June. And if an act drops out maybe Dave can fill in!!

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And we’re off!!!!

After the last two months success with Comedy @ The terrace night club in Hull im so happy to announce that it will now be a monthly gig!!


This is my first residency as a Host (MC), I’m also being given the reigns to book the acts!!

using my advantage of working all over the country I will be bringing the best up and coming acts as well as some fantastic well established headliners that I have had the privilege to gig along side! I personally think this is far better than just reading reviews and booking acts, plus as I gig in Hull on a regular basis I know that a Hull audience won’t just sit there and listen to rubbish, with that in mind I only intend to bring the best to my nights!!

and on that note, take a look at May’s line up!!


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Tribfest 2013!!

I shall be the the host of this years Tribfest Laughing Bull comedy marque, I couldn’t be happier!! I have also been given the responsibility of booking the acts, I have pulled in a few favours on this one and have got some fantastic acts booked already!!
Patrick Monahan
Toju AKA E4’s balls of steal militant Black Guy
Chris McGlade
Mark Rough

To name a few,
Check out Tribfest’s website more acts being added daily.

Click here TRIBFEST

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The planets must have aligned

Well this week my day job and night job have come together better than ever!!

Basically I asked the owner of the Company of which I Freelance with the most, if there was any work near the O2 arena as I’m going to see Louis CK on Wednesday with two comedy friends, James Beatty, (Promoter and owner of LOL Comedy) and comedy hero of mine Patrick Monohan, He only came up trumps!! I’m looking for bombs about 500 meters away from the O2!! And I can leave my vehicle on the site so I don’t even have to pay for parking!!!

Then as a bonus, the hotel I’m staying in is literally 300 meters away from a gig I am doing on Thursday night!!

If only every week as the only bomb disposal comedian was like this!!!

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BBC produce a comedy about Bomb Disposal teams in Afghan.

I’ve been watching this with a keen eye ever since I heard about it.

I so hope it’s a success!

Have a click in the link and see what comedy guru Chortle have to say about it.

Click Here

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The Heart & Lung Unit @ Bar LVPO Soho 2nd Birthday!

I Was asked back for a third time to gig for the Heart & Lung Unit, Its their 2nd birthday and as I gigged for the 1st one it was a pleasure to be asked by Glenn Guest to come back for the 2nd!

This is one of my favourite gigs in London, Not only is it for a good cause but its one of the few gigs that will let you do a 20 min set if you are a newer act, I was actually booked here for my first ever 20 over 2 yrs ago, so when Glenn asked me to Headline I was over the moon!

I was especially happy about this gig because there was to be an agent in the room, but as it turned ut he never turned up, Oh well!

I did my pictures thing and even got away with some new jokes and had a mega time!

but was was good about this gig is that iIhad gotten a comedy pal of mine to do a 20 and I believe this was his first 20 spot! 

Joe Charman the comedy beatboxer master opened the comedy section of the night with a few technical issues but soon sorted them out and went on to have a stormer of a gig to the point where he has been offered a regular spot on every event for H@LU!!  All in all it was a top night! and im looking forward to doing it all again for their next birthday!

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