Stand up @ The Raine Club

stand up at the Raine Club goes regular!! 
After the success of the first night Fess the club owner has booked in for a monthly gig!! 

If you want some discounted tickets message me through my site 

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Nibbles With Giggles returns!!

After a long break Nibbles With Giggles is back! This time round we are at The Raine Club in Hull, I love the look and feel of this venue with its large stage and working mans club style seating, if this launch night goes well it will be the first of many!! 

Click Here for the FaceBook event and lineup. 

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Nibbles With Giggles and Nice 2B Nice are teaming up!!

Nice 2B Nice and Nibbles With Giggles are teaming up for a night of laughter!!

All tickets sales will be donated to the charity, I have had an amazing response from some of my favourite acts willing to give their time up for free to help a great local charity!

So much so that there isn’t even room for me on the bill!! (I’m sure I will squeeze in somewhere).


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Who is Mr Kirby, Cafe Pasaz, last show

So we are having our final show at Pasaz. But fear not, Nibbles With Giggles lives on at our new venue round the corner, Vanilla, it’s bigger and better!!! But before we go we have one last show! Who Is Mr Kirby.


I am performing my set at this show too!! Tickets are only £5 each but for the first 10 people, if you show this page on the door it’s 2-4-1!! Shh, don’t tell everyone!

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Strictly learn to dance

Strictly learn to dance??? What have I let myself in for!!! 

The past 7 Sundays I have been taking part in 2 hours of ballroom dance training because I have been asked to be part of this years fantastic charity fund raiser STRICTLY LEARN TO DANCE, An event organised by a Hull local charity Dove House Hospice, they are a brilliant organisation that helps terminally ill people.

there will be a grand final at the Hull city hall on March 21st, so not long now!!!

I would be grateful if people could sponsor me and make this all worthwhile!!

you can sponsor me by clicking HERE

If you would like to come to the Live Final then click HERE for tickets.

Thanks for stopping by and wish me luck!!

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Nibbles With Giggles gets a review!!

Joe Stanley loves comedy and I have read many of his reviews and I’m so glad he came along to review one of my gigs!!

The people of Hull gave a unanimous roar last week as the city was named ‘City of Culture 2017’. With a promise of events every day of the year in 2017, arts, music and theatre are set to have a huge shot in the arm in Hull in the next few years. However it’s not just these disciplines which are thriving in the city. Comedy has seen a rapid incline in the last few years with local comedians appearing in national competitions and comedy nights popping up all over the city. Hull is quickly becoming the place to be to see great new comedy, with one of the newest nights being ‘Nibbles with Giggles’ at the cafe bar ‘Pasaz’.

The cosy venue on the corner of Ferensway hosts a monthly comedy night every third Saturday of the month which not only provides top class comedians but a buffet during the interval as well!

The room is decorated with candles which gives it a lovely vibe and the front row is made up of comfy sofas giving the night a relaxed feeling (even if people are still weary about sitting in them!). However any worries of being picked on are soon dashed away as the warm friendly atmosphere makes it feel less of a comedy club, more of a few of your mates telling jokes and stories in your front room.

The organiser of the monthly gig, Steve Rimmer, stepped up as host and compere for the night. With his likeable personality and his ability to get humour out of any audience member. Steve really did warm the audience up for a great night of comedy. Some comperes feel the need to pick on audience members to get laughs, whereas Steve chats to the audience in a way an old friend might, making jokes but never in a nasty way. He gives the audience the chance to make jokes back and comes up with some great lines, often on the spot, he is the perfect host for such a relaxed gig.

The night gives local acts a stage allowing them to perform in front of home crowd audiences, but also features talent from across the country. Talking about how he books his acts Steve says:
“Working as a bomb disposal engineer gets me around the country and being a comedian I get to gig most places I work. Having this opportunity lets me see some brilliant acts and offer them the chance to come and gig in front our our ever growing Hull audiences.”

Tonight’s night (23rd November) featured both local and national talent. Andy Woolston opened the night in a cracking fashion as per usual, fresh from his debut double header show at ‘The Hull Comedy Festival’ Andy is always on top form and got the night off to a brilliant start. Following him was the incredibly funny Gina Jenkinson. Steve has always given new acts a stage to perform and Gina is one of these comics, however you simply could not tell she has been going for less than a year. With some hilarious stories about her life and a great stage presence Gina is one to look out for in the future and another in the increasing long line of brilliant female comedians hailing from Hull.

The second half featured acts that have traveled further a field. First up was Fran Garrity, storming his set and coming up with one of the best lines of the night, a call back to Gina’s earlier set, which brought the house down. Andrea Whitaker was on next, the second woman of the night. Where some clubs are nervous about putting on too many female comedians, Steve has never been bothered by this. As as long as they are funny it doesn’t matter what sex they are. Andrea, a genuinely funny woman filled the room with laughter and provided a great build up for the final act of the night.

Before the headliner though the buffet was served. A bargain at £3 nobody could turn this down, especially with the smell wafting up the stairs makes everyone as hungry for food as they was comedy.

The final act of the night were the brilliant ‘Live Naked Idiots’. A sketch group from Hull, the idiots are sometimes filthy, sometimes dark but always hilarious and a genuine pleasure to watch. This group are going to be huge with sketches about game shows, psychics and the origins of famous children’s tv shows, every single sketch brought the audience into hysterics and are a must see before they become huge.

As Steve brought the night to a close and thanked the audience for being there, the audience cheered for more and there wasn’t a doubt in the room that it had been a great night filled with laughs, good food and a great atmosphere. Someone in marketing should be sacked as ‘Nibbles with giggles’ provides a lot more than that. ‘Food that fills your belly and laughs that make your sides split’ may seem more appropriate, although a lot less catchy.

At only £5 a ticket ‘Nibbles with Giggles’ is a night not to be missed, I thoroughly recommend you get your tickets for next month’s gig on the 21st December now!

Joe Stanley

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Hull gets the City Of Culture!!

Well done to Hull, years ago it was voted the worst place to live and I must say I for one wasn’t happy about that! And I’m sure my home towns people wasn’t too. Well we can all give ourselves a pat on the back because we have only gone and gained the title of City Of Culture 2017!!

I don’t quite know how that works but it’s a win!!

I like to think that I had a little part of helping with my comedy. I run 3 regular gigs in Hull and possibly a 4th (it’s a secrete) and I hosted the comedy at this years Humber Street Sesh, and the Freedom festivals comedy show.

Well it all helps I suppose!


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Hosted for a Stars In Their eyes charity event.

So glad I got back to Hull from London in time to host this.

What a fun night! I loved interviewing the contestants before they went off to change into the acts they where to become. I also got to delve into some comedy between the acts and at the start of each section. The night was south fun and whilst the votes where being counted Hull Comedian of 2013 Jack Gleadow did a 10 min set which went down really well with the audience.

A massive well done to Molly Brown, that’s Molly, Not Polly as I first introduces her! Oops.

She won a very tightly scored competition as Paloma Faith, that girl has some talent alright!

And as this was for charity, The Freedom Road, click here for their site

The whole night raised over £700!!

I have been asked to come back next year and do it all again! I can’t wait!!


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Tribfest Laughing Bull Comedy Marquee

So after i’ve been told I did a great job at booking and hosting 2013’s Laughing Bull Comedy Marquee at Tribfest and festival director Ed Faulkner has asked me to do it all again!! I cant wait and already have some amazing acts lined up!!


here is a showreel of how this years went.

Click Here For Showreel



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Gigged for injured troops.

So I was asked if I’d like to be part a comedy gig for injured troops at the army’s rehabilitation centre, I obviously jumped at the chance even changed my work commitment tools it possible.

Now as I myself spent some time at Headley Court in my army days I know how much these guys would appreciate some laughs. Unwashed running late because of the M25 traffic but when I arrived the gig was already on full swing And two acts had already been on, ink new the other acts in the bill and was delighted to be part of such a strong line up, the would have been a great gig wherever it was but the fact it was here made it all the more special to me.

It was my turn to do my set, now I’ve done army gigs before and know how dark humour goes with squadies but these guys with all they’ve been through in typical forces fashion wanted darker, I told some jokes on would only ever do on rowdy stag/hen type gigs and that lapped it up!!

After the gig I stayed back in the bar talking to some of the guys and girls, the injuries they had varied from missing limbs to a good old wrist strain and in the forces way, one guy who’s legs got blown off in an IED was ripping into someone who has sprained his wrist, then they showed me some pretty cool tricks with their new legs (at £30.000) each these things where phenomenal. But the best thing was when sitting down you could bring the pneumatic leg up to make a beer rest!!

All in all what a great gig and a top bunch of guys. And to top it all off I received a letter on behalf of the CO of Headley Court.


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