Gigged for injured troops.

So I was asked if I’d like to be part a comedy gig for injured troops at the army’s rehabilitation centre, I obviously jumped at the chance even changed my work commitment tools it possible.

Now as I myself spent some time at Headley Court in my army days I know how much these guys would appreciate some laughs. Unwashed running late because of the M25 traffic but when I arrived the gig was already on full swing And two acts had already been on, ink new the other acts in the bill and was delighted to be part of such a strong line up, the would have been a great gig wherever it was but the fact it was here made it all the more special to me.

It was my turn to do my set, now I’ve done army gigs before and know how dark humour goes with squadies but these guys with all they’ve been through in typical forces fashion wanted darker, I told some jokes on would only ever do on rowdy stag/hen type gigs and that lapped it up!!

After the gig I stayed back in the bar talking to some of the guys and girls, the injuries they had varied from missing limbs to a good old wrist strain and in the forces way, one guy who’s legs got blown off in an IED was ripping into someone who has sprained his wrist, then they showed me some pretty cool tricks with their new legs (at £30.000) each these things where phenomenal. But the best thing was when sitting down you could bring the pneumatic leg up to make a beer rest!!

All in all what a great gig and a top bunch of guys. And to top it all off I received a letter on behalf of the CO of Headley Court.


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